Samuel Petchey

Born near London, I grew up in a family who sang together. When early piano lessons stopped I continued to improvise and play piano by ear, forming melodies and chords. In my teens I learned to play 'properly' with Sylvia Howard whilst continuing to improvise and play jazz. Among my influences was composer Steve Martland, a great mentor and teacher to me. Following two years missionary service in Singapore and Malaysia I studied jazz at Leeds College of Music followed by composition at the Royal Northern College of Music with Paul Patterson. In 2006 I joined the British Army as saxophonist and pianist, serving in the Band of the Grenadier Guards and Royal Military School of Music.  

Spiritual Messages and Music emerged during Covid-19 to share inspiration with my local congregation when churches shut. Having already written and recorded a number of hymns I had much to share. Family and friends helped me continue writing and recording. I am especially thankful to my dad, Stephen Petchey, my sister Elizabeth Mawlam, the Mosaic Chamber Choir with director Ben Gaughran and singers Rebecca Seehootoorah and Robin Dick; as well as many other friends  who have contributed. Bringing scripture and music together, as many past composers have done, is a great journey. I hope it inspires new perspectives and serves to teach of Christ (see 2 Nephi 25:26


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